Building products for a more connected world.

We’re an emerging tech agency headquartered in Austin, Texas. We believe in collaboration, user-centered design, and iteration. These guide us to create products that make the world around us better.


  • ACG Central Texas Corporate Growth Award
  • ADDY Award
  • APPY Award
  • Best in Biz Awards
  • CES Innovations Award
  • Davey Award
  • Digiday Video Award
  • Forbes List: America’s Most Promising Companies
  • HOW Interactive Design Award
  • Inc 500 | 5000
  • Intel Innovation Award
  • MobileWebAward
  • SEMA Award
  • SIIA CODiE Award
  • Stevie Award
  • US Mobile & App Design Awards
  • W3 Award
  • Webby Award


John Arrow Founder & Chairman of the Board

John is a veteran entrepreneur, who founded Mutual Mobile to unite the best minds in tech to pursue world changing endeavors.

Tarun Nimmagadda Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Tarun is a natural leader and motivator who fosters collaboration, encouraging teams to heighten innovation and maximize efficiency.

Mickey Ristroph Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Mickey leads Mutual Mobile’s R&D efforts to explore next-generation tools and drive forward the company’s technological and market impact.

Ken Bartley Chief Financial Officer

Ken brings a proven track record with high-growth companies, using his business acumen and keen analytical skills to maximize revenue.

Russ Buyse Chief Operating Officer

Russ combines a deep background in software development with high-level tech personnel management to secure our engineering value.

Kito Dietrich Managing Partner

Kito leads with strong passions for software and multimedia, with 25 years of technical experience in development and project management.

Val Vacante
Val Vacante Managing Partner

Val drives our vision for creating meaningful experiences, strategic growth and strong relationships with the brands that we love.

Alicia Dixon Global Director, Human Resources

Alicia is responsible for all things relating to Mutual Mobile’s people, leading HR, as well as our top-notch talent acquisition and facilities.

Amanda McGlothlin Group Director, Creative

Amanda is a design simplicity evangelist, with enthusiasm that ensures our teams deliver products with excellent end-user experiences.

Orlando Ramirez Associate Director, Design

Orlando works at the intersection of design and development, leading the design team to ensure the best combination of pixels and code.

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