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Post_20150120_AndroidDEX_Feature July 15, 2015

Introducing our dexinfo Gradle plugin

Android Architect Mustafa Ali introduces a dexifo Gradle plugin that will help devs get around DEX 64K limits.
Post_20150713_AppleMusic_feature July 13, 2015

Apple Music almost got me

Web dev and music enthusiast Jon Hutchison explains how Apple Music almost made a believer out of him.
Post_20150708_AppleWatchPebble_Feature (2) July 8, 2015

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time: an iOS dev’s first impressions

Sean McMains simultaneously wore a Pebble Time and an Apple Watch for several weeks. Here's what he discovered.
Post_20150604_TVKIT_Feature July 6, 2015

Wishlist for Apple TVKit

iOS engineer Dan Murrell describes everything our devs would like to get out of an Apple TVKit.
Post_2015060220_WWDCfirst-time_feature June 22, 2015

Confessions of a WWDC first-timer

iOS Dev Dory Glauberman gives us a great idea of what it's like to be a WWDC first-timer.