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Post_20150205_WirelessCharging_Feature February 4, 2015

Wireless charging is full of potential

Kevin Harwood returned from CES full of excitement about the future of wireless charging.
Post_20150130_Relativity_Feature January 30, 2015

Meet the Relativity watch face for Android Wear

Two of our brilliant minds are keeping better track of time with the Relativity watch face for Android Wear.
Post_20150126_PhysicalGames_Feature January 26, 2015

Physical Games in a Digital World

Derrick Steele gives us a rundown on which games are making a smooth transition to the digital landscape.
Post_20150120_AndroidDEX_Feature January 21, 2015

The DEX 64k limit is not a problem anymore, almost

Mustafa Ali explains some helpful workarounds for the DEX 64K limit.
Post_20150116_Oculus_Rift_Feature January 14, 2015

2015: the year VR will get real

From gaming to tourism and everything in between, VR will become a reality in 2015.