How to Define Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy

68% of respondents to a Forrester survey see mobile as a strategic initiative. 
31% of executives surveyed don’t have a mobile strategy or are in the early stages of working on a mobile strategy.

Tired of low adoption, low engagement and low ROI, wise enterprises are stepping off the treadmill of mobile experimentation and stepping up to mobile strategy — but few know exactly how to proceed. Many have failed to rally the players, define the performance measures, or create the processes for repeatable success.

Building an enterprise mobile strategy — one that continually aligns user needs, business goals, and evolving technologies — prepares your business to identify and pursue mobile opportunities with confidence. We can show you how to do it.

Jumpstart Your Mobile Strategy, Today.

Defining your mobile strategy and building stronger mobile practices will allow you to plan ahead, prioritize efforts, measure progress, and plot your course to success.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Key areas of inquiry for defining mobile strategy
  • 5 critical steps towards building your strategic mobile practice
  • 5 core qualities to look for in a mobile partner