Roundup November 20, 2014

Holiday Tech Guide

The season of giving is upon us and Apple, Google, and countless other tech companies have...
Post_20151118_AppleWatch_Feature November 18, 2014

WatchKit: It’s only the beginning

The WatchKit APIs are out in the open, and Kevin Harwood is here to tell you how to use them.
Post_2014_1113_GoogleInbox_Feature November 17, 2014

Google Inbox makes email not suck

If you thought Gmail was as good as email can get, just wait until you play with Google Inbox.
WIRED October 20, 2014

Algorithms: The Next Wearable Tech Frontier

Possibly the most important component of wearable products: algorithms to ensure accuracy.
WIRED October 15, 2014

Wearable Fatigue? Stick It In Your Ear

Consumers are not willing to alter their behavior to accommodate the product.
Forbes October 2, 2014

Mutual Mobile: How To Keep Your Tech Talent Happy

Mutual Mobile knows the right talent can push the boundaries of a company.
Ask A Dev November 6, 2014

What are the big differences between Node.js and client-side JavaScript?

Web Developer, Chase Moody, points out the differences between Node.js and client-side JavaScript.
Ask A Dev October 23, 2014

What should developers know about Apple Pay?

iOS Architect, Kevin Harwood, explains how developers can start integrating Apple Pay.
Ask A Dev October 23, 2014

Chris Goodine: What’s the future of gesture control technology?

Chris Goodine, discusses how gesture control devices will change the way we interact with the world...
Tech Table November 17, 2014

Tech Table: Where are the worthwhile wearables?

From fitness trackers to smartwatches, the market is already flooded with wearables, but are any...
Internet of Things Trend Report August 6, 2014

Internet of Things Trend Report

It is in your laptops and phones, and soon it will be connecting your cars, appliances and other...
TrendReport_WearablesThatHelp_BlogPostFeature June 20, 2014

Helpful Wearables Trend Report

Whatever you are chasing after, advances in helpful wearables will lend a hand.