iBeacons July 30, 2014

iBeacons: Lessons Learned

Mutual Mobile's Sean McMains recounts a few of the lessons we’ve learned while tinkering with...
Run a Hackathon, not a Hack Job July 23, 2014

Run a Hackathon, not a Hack Job

Software-focused companies often leverage events, like a hackathon, to help employees blow off...
Wearable Technologies Conference July 17, 2014

Hearables and Energy Harvesting, Oh My!

The next body-part boom at this year’s Wearable Technologies Conference were hearables, but...
Entrepreneur Magazine July 21, 2014

Before You Prototype a Tech Product, Ask These 5 Questions

There is a way to get a product to market quickly and correctly -- it’s by understanding your user...
Re/Code June 25, 2014

Brazos Tech District: How to Achieve Silicon Valley Anywhere

The Brazos Tech District district seeks to engage these individuals in a close-knit community that... June 11, 2014

Architecting iOS Apps with VIPER

It’s well known in the field of architecture that we shape our buildings, and afterward our...
Mobile Minute August 1, 2014

Here Come the Hearables

Get ready for hearables — wearables made especially for your ears.
Ask A Dev July 31, 2014

What will Extensions allow in iOS 8?

iOS Architect Kevin Harwood answers this week's top question, on how Extensions in iOS 8 will be a...
Ask A Dev July 23, 2014

What’s your view on Apache Cordova?

Web developer Alex Wasner answers this week's top question, on Apache Cordova - a way to create...
TrendReport_WearablesThatHelp_BlogPostFeature June 20, 2014

Helpful Wearables Trend Report

Whatever you are chasing after, advances in helpful wearables will lend a hand.
TrendReport_Beacons_BlogPostFeatured April 17, 2014

Beacons Trend Report

From public transit to mobile payments, beacons are making our smart devices more useful than ever.
TrendReport_mCommerce_BlogPostFeatured March 3, 2014

mCommerce Trend Report

From NFC terminals to BLE beacons, this mCommerce Trend Report has everything you need to know.
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