Roundup August 27, 2015

Digital Assistants are awaiting your request

Siri may still be the snarkiest of the digital assistants, but there are a bunch of competitors...
Post_20150812_DigitalAssistants_Feature August 26, 2015

Digital assistant showdown

Android dev James Ayvaz runs every digital assistant through the gamut.
Post_20150812_ConnectedHome_Feature August 19, 2015

First look at the Target Open House

Shane Miller took a stroll through the Target Open House and had a lot to say about the home of the...
WPP April 9, 2015

Mutual Mobile names Russ Buyse as Chief Operating Officer

Our partner, WPP, helped us announce Russ Buyse's promotion to Chief Operating Officer.
WPP March 27, 2015

Mutual Mobile names Val Vacante as Executive Vice President, Senior Partner

Our partner, WPP, helped us announce Val Vacante's promotion to Executive Vice President.
The Loop - Loop Insight March 17, 2015

Designing for the Apple Watch & Pro Tips

Tech design agency Mutual Mobile put together this infographic laying out the process of designing...
Ask A Dev August 25, 2015

What is Deep Linking?

Android Engineer, Eric Brynsvold, gives an in-depth explanation of deep linking.
Ask A Dev August 20, 2015

Can I get into development without a computer science degree?

Logan Thompson tells you how to get into development without a degree in computer science.
1.00_04_54_17.Still001 August 19, 2015

How can I quickly implement A/B testing and how valuable is it?

Ross Mckelvie, lead engineer at Favor, does us a solid by explaining how they use A/B testing.
Tech Table August 31, 2015

Tech Table: Connected Home Products

Kevin and Ryan review their own experiences with products for the connected home.
Tech Table August 18, 2015

Tech Table: What’s Plugged into your Television?

Kevin and Ryan are joined by interaction designer Amanda Klohmann to discuss the future of...
Tech Table July 10, 2015

Tech Table: Google Play vs App Store. Which Wins?

Android engineer Kris Peña joins Tech Table to discuss pros and cons of Google Play vs App Store.