The wearable market continues to dominate tech news and consumer interest. This week, we dive deeper into the bewildering smartwatch market, and learn more about Google Glass. Plus: whose responsibility is mobile?

News and Insights

There’s Something About Smartwatches – New York Times

Everyone’s entering the market, but will consumers actually buy the device?

Why Google Glass Is Far More Important Than Any Smartwatch – ReadWrite

Smartwatches will reinforce existing mobile ecosystems, Glass will disrupt them.

What Will Google Glass Do to Our Brains? – Mashable

Health implications, shorter attention spans, and more.

Is Mobile the Responsibility of the CIO or CMO? – The Guardian

Mobile has changed internal structures and responsibilities within organizations.

Google Emulates Apple in Restricting Apps for Glass – New York Times

Google recently released extensive guidelines for developers interested in Glass.

Why Today’s Tech Companies Are Still Going iOS First – TechCrunch

52% of mobile users are Android, so why do apps still prefer iOS at launch?

Yahoo’s Future is Mobile, Wearable, & Gorgeous, Execs Say – VentureBeat

The company’s latest Mail and Weather apps have beautiful UI.

Why LinkedIn Dumped HTML5 & Went Native for its Mobile Apps – VentureBeat

LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Mobile Engineering weighs in.

‘Mobile Mind Shift’ Will Change Digital Marketing – MediaPost

“Customers demand mobile utility, will dump companies that don’t give it to them.”

Why ‘New’ Apple Products Won’t Happen Anytime Soon – Forbes

We’re not likely to see the rumored iTV and iWatch before 2014.


Wearable Computing Market Estimates Are All Over The Place – Business Insider

The future for wearables is a confusing mix of skepticism and hype.

Who’s Winning, iOS or Android? All the Numbers, All in One Place – TIME

A close investigation of statistics comparing the two platforms.

Tablet Sales Will Climb to $64B This Year, ABI Says – CNET

“The tide is definitely turning toward Android-based tablets.”

More Than One Million Smart Watches will be Shipped in 2013 – ABI

The devices are moving beyond a mere smartphone accessory.

The Increasing Needs of the Mobile Shopper – MediaPost

47% of shoppers say they would delete or stop using an app if it is hard to use.

49% of Consumers Desire Seamless Store, Digital, Mobile Experience – LuxuryDaily

Consumers today want more out of the shopping experience, across all platforms.

Gartner Recommends a Hybrid Approach for Mobile Apps – Gartner

Hybrid apps will be used in more than 50 percent of mobile apps by 2016.

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