This week, Instagram integrates video to its app in an attempt to defend itself against Vine. But is it a smart move? Plus: new data from Forrester on Glass, a first look at iOS 7, and more.

News and Insights

Video Killed The Instagram Star – TechCrunch

In an attempt to overcome Vine, Instagram has added video. But is it a smart move?

A Week With iOS 7: The Search for Innovation Amid Renovation – BGR

Does Apple’s bold new mobile vision pave the way for innovation?

Forrester: Google Glass Will Be the Next iPhone (But Now it’s Just a Newton) – VentureBeat

A new report says roughly 21.6M Americans would buy Glass.

Disruptions: Mobile Competition Shifts to Software Design – New York Times

Software, not hardware, is allowing mobile companies to leap over competitors.

Think ‘Mobile Unique’ To Deliver Mobile Delight – CMO

Move beyond “vanilla” mobile apps, and personalize the experience for users.

Gauging the Natural, and Digital, Rhythms of Life – New York Times

The Big Data health impact of wearables is going to be significant.

Apple Scores $30M iPad Deal With L.A. Schools – Mashable

Los Angeles public schools plan to equip every student with the device by 2014.

Mobile Minute June 20


Smartphones And Tablets Have Revolutionized Consumer Connections – Mobile Commerce Daily

45.3 million US consumers watch video on their mobile phones.

How Mobile Is Shaping Global Digital Behavior – eMarketer

Comparing most popular activities across smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

88% of Smartphone Shoppers Have Negative Experiences – Mobile Commerce Daily

“If you don’t do it right, customers will go to a competitor.”

Online Customer Experience Still Easier to Understand Than Mobile, Say E-Commerce Execs – Marketing Charts

Many execs believe it’s simply harder to deliver positive mobile experiences.

Connected Car Market to Take Off – Mobile Marketer

Over 35M car shipments in 2018 will come with embedded mobile technology.