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Ask A Dev August 14, 2014

Should I update my app to Android L?

Android Architect Brian Parent answers this week's top question, about whether to update your app now that Android L is out.
Mobile Minute August 1, 2014

Here Come the Hearables

Get ready for hearables — wearables made especially for your ears.
Ask A Dev July 31, 2014

What will Extensions allow in iOS 8?

iOS Architect Kevin Harwood answers this week's top question, on how Extensions in iOS 8 will be a huge deal to developers.
Ask A Dev July 23, 2014

What’s your view on Apache Cordova?

Web developer Alex Wasner answers this week's top question, on Apache Cordova - a way to create cross-platform applications using web technologies.
Ask A Dev July 21, 2014

What can I do with Continuity?

iOS Engineer John McIntosh discusses how Continuity will work in iOS 8 and Yosemite.
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