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Mobile Minute July 16, 2014

The Race for Connected Cars

Apple has CarPlay, Google has Android Auto, and Microsoft has Windows in the Car, but which of these connected cars is closest to the assembly line?
Ask A Dev July 11, 2014

Should I switch to Android Studio?

Android Engineer Ernest Holloway answers this week's top question on when to switch from Eclipse to Android Studio.
Mobile Minute July 3, 2014

What to (Android) Wear

Thanks to the unified Google framework, all Android Wear smartwatches can perform commands, reminders, check texts, and more.
Ask A Dev July 2, 2014

What big changes does Android L bring?

Google recently announced a new version of Android, Code named Android L.
Ask A Dev June 24, 2014

How do you keep up with programming languages?

When it seems like new programming languages comes out almost every week, how can developers keep up?
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