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Ask A Dev October 13, 2014

Sam Strickling: How can I inspire my kids to become engineers?

Sam Strickling discusses how to get kids interested in engineering through sports tech.
Ask A Dev October 1, 2014

Peter Li: What hardware innovations are you looking forward to?

Atlas Wearables CEO Peter Li talks about opportunities with wireless charging and low power GPS.
Ask A Dev September 23, 2014

How should I develop for the new iPhone 6?

Conrad Stoll discusses how to adjust developing for the larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6+.
AAD-62 September 17, 2014

What does Apple Watch mean for developers?

iOS Architect Kevin Harwood answers why developers should get ready for the Apple Watch.
Ask A Dev September 9, 2014

How can I use Touch ID for authentication in my app?

Chris Gibbs discusses how to incorporate Touch ID into your iOS app for authentication.
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