Music Discovery Goes Mobile


Beatport, the leader in electronic music downloads, wanted to add new revenue streams and expand their audience through mobile.


  • Enable mobile purchasing for nearly 2 million tracks
  • Reorganize Beatport’s full catalog for iPhone navigation
  • Create a simple interface for Top 100 charts & featured releases
  • Reroute in-app purchases through the Beatport website

“Beatport reached over 150,000 downloads and 30% cart conversions in the first 45 days after its launch.”

Beatport Designed For Simplicity

Driving Mobile Purchases

Beatport’s iPhone experience placed their entire catalog in the hands of DJs worldwide. At every stage in the design process, we strove to make finding and purchasing music a simple and seamless process. In addition to song previews and easily navigable charts, we routed all music sales through the main Beatport website to circumvent in-app purchasing fees.

Mashbox: The Mobile Mashup Machine

Mashbox is Beatport’s intuitive mashup tool for iPad that lets budding musicians mix tracks from their favorite artists. The powerful mashup engine automatically adjusts track tempos between songs for seamless overlays and lets users shift tempo on the fly without distortion.

Application Features

  • In-app purchasing from Beatport’s digital music catalog
  • Adjust tempo, loops, and track elements on the fly
  • High-resolution throwback interface is designed for ease of use
Beatport Mashbox The Mobile Mashup Machine
Beatport Designed For Simplicity

Designed for Simplicity

Mashbox’s throwback interface is designed to mimic an analog mixing board, with skeuomorphic meters and dials to help beginners immediately grasp the controls. We worked to keep the design as simple as possible, reducing clutter to level out the application’s learning curve.

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