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12 ways mobile gaming could change in 2023.

With revenues rising the world over, mobile gaming is seeing an unprecedented spike in growth. But just how promising does its future look?

Game development is a serious business and a rising category to look forward to. It generates a revenue of 100 million every month, and we are not saying that; Forbes is. Companies are investing in developing games, specifically mobile game apps, because of the number of downloads generating revenue.

Celebrities endorse games because it keeps people busy and allows them to use their minds and be as creative as possible. The top game app development companies focus on creating games that sync with generation Z, millennials, and boomers.

Thus, here are a few mobile game app development trends to follow in 2023:

1. AR games

Augmented Reality – AR is not limited to one industry; it affects all. AR is for everyone.

AR games combine audio and visual content enabling users to explore the game in real time. Unlike VR gaming, AR uses the real world to build the playing field. The AR games can be seen, accessed, and played on tablets, smartphones, and other portable gaming systems. One of the best examples of an AR game is PokemonGO.

2. Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform app development is one of the latest trends that have pleased gamers. The revenues have been high for the games that can be played across all the platforms, and one need not carry a particular device everywhere. Now, users do not face any roadblocks in accessing the games across PCs, mobile devices, or tablets.

3. Blockchain and NFT-based games

Blockchain, like every other field, is becoming necessary in the field of mobile gaming. NFT – non-fungible tokens, just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be used to tokenize real estate, music, artwork, etc. And now it has taken over the gaming industry too. They tokenize characters and cards to open up the next level with NFTs.

4. E-sport tournaments

The reason behind the growing popularity of E-sport tournaments is that people from across the globe can participate in these tournaments. Most tournaments are about fighting, real–time strategies, treasure hunts, shooting, or multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA). The prize pool of Esports tournaments is attractive to tempt players from across the globe.

5. Mini games

Mini-games are the smaller games that lead to the bigger ones. They do not have any extra installation steps and are often integrated to promote sharing and to compete against friends. It helps mobile game app development companies retain the existing players and add new ones.  

6. Games for all age

With the rising popularity of games, bigshots like Netflix have started to invest in the gaming industry. Netflix and gaming go hand in hand. If someone comes up with the idea of a video game based on one of the movies or series they have released, keeping it interesting, they are on board with creating and launching it worldwide. Thus, it becomes convenient for the games for all ages – from 18 to 60+. 

7. Gaming console will decline

Although gaming consoles are improving with every release of PlayStation and Xbox, their sales are decreasing drastically. They are not being replaced because of their quality; however, better options are available at cheaper prices. Also, people prefer playing games on mobiles when they have free time. Instead of carrying the whole system, they can bring their game in their pockets. With the advent of cloud gaming, handheld consoles like Razor Edge, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck have taken center stage in the market again, shaking the throne consoles have held onto for so long.

8. Games–as–a–Service 

According to SensorTower data, the mobile games industry is expected to invest $138 billion by 2025 in the App Store and Google Play. It is not limited to fixing bugs or simply introducing new features. Mobile game app developers are now using games–as–a–service model to create and update mobile games.

9. The era of wearables

Wearables are picking up quickly in the gaming industry as they have in the health industry. Smartwatches, AR/VR headsets, fitness rings, etc. Wearing such devices will enhance their experiences and tempt them to return for more. Apart from using wearables for keeping records of everything from checking, analyzing, and supervising gamers’ performance in real-time, you can use them to boost the streaming quality by using different microphones that enhance the gaming experience for game enthusiasts globally.

10. Subscription models

The gaming subscription model is convenient for the users and companies that make it too. Most of the PC games and gaming consoles in the United States are subscription based, which is working out perfectly well for them. This will prevent gamers from being addicted and will only be bought by the ones who can afford it. However, it won't let anyone lag behind.

It enables the person to buy for a month, not the next. And it also allows the developers to charge the correct amount from the subscribers.  

11. Expansion packs

To date, the expansion packs have only supported PCs and gaming consoles. Now, they have started investing in mobile games as well. Expansion packs are the extension of existing games. Even the top mobile app development companies have warmed up to the idea of expansion packs to retain customers. In the era of spending costs to acquire new customers, they are open to doing whatever they can to keep gamers happy.  

12. Rising Cost Per Installs (CPI)

The companies making mobile games need to pay the cost of acquiring new players. Even well-known gaming companies like Nintendo and Ubisoft have to pay a certain fee to find new players and retain the existing ones.

Wrapping up:

Mobile games are the future, although people still haven't scrapped the idea of PC games and play stations altogether. One reason for that is that it’s easy to carry in pockets. It can be played with anyone in the world from anywhere with good internet connectivity. And some games don't even require that.

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