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Anti-Silo: Why Crosstalk Matters

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Silos have long been the bane of creativity and innovation in the industry. That’s why crosstalk is more vital today than ever before. Because it keeps the conversation alive around the ideas that matter.

Heart surgeons are some of the smartest people around. But would you trust them to perform brain surgery?

Because the smart ones know what they don’t know. That’s why they come to us.

Our battle-tested digital expertise has gone from putting one of the first ever apps on the App Store to building for giants like Walmart and Nike. 


Because we start the conversations that keep ideas alive. We talk less about deadlines and more about discoveries. 


Because we don’t want to fall into the silos trap.

The Silos Trap

Silos: The difference between could have and have. 

Silos: What the road to hell is paved with.

Silos: A silent threat to every organization.

Like throwing up walls in a garden, silos block the flow of freshness. In them, intent doesn’t translate to action. Knowledge goes missing. Cluelessness abounds. Creativity stagnates.

If that sounds almost apocalyptic, it’s because it is. Nothing threatens user experience more than brands that have departments entirely independent of each other. What one team knows, the other doesn’t. But both sneer at the other for not knowing it. 

Crucially, silos threaten mission clarity. They throw a cloud cover over your company’s north star — effectively forcing you to work in the dark. Soon enough, people won’t be happy with how work’s going but wouldn’t know why. Dependencies turn into nightmares and projects become quagmires. 

This is why we steer clear of silos. Cubicles don’t make great ideas, crosstalk does.

The Importance of Crosstalk

Conversations keep ideas alive. Crosstalk brings them to life. Every time we set to work on a new idea, we throw ourselves into a buzzing hive of ideas and creative noise. And from it emerges ideas that make an instant impact.

It’s because we listen to the crosstalk we stay fresh enough to build for both Fortune 500s and startups alike. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with for titans of industry from every vertical like

and have gone on to win awards like

Discoveries. Not deadlines.

Ever since we got into the game at the dawn of the smartphone revolution, we have chased discoveries over deadlines. Today, nimble footed and agile, we greet each idea with a fresh pair of eyes. With no walls around, each thought grows to its fullest potential and becomes an idea to reckon with. 

So if you have an idea that needs some shaping, talk to us here. We’d love to hear from you. 

Work outside the box to think outside the box.

Siddharth Maganty

Content Marketer

Siddharth is a copywriter from Hyderabad, India. He loves F1, cats, long runs, eBooks, and writing articles on tech he would have loved to find online

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