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Birthday Memories: Lessons Learned at Mutual Mobile

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Birthday Memories: Lessons Learned at Mutual Mobile

When running a tech company, it’s never a bad idea to take advice from Bill Gates. “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure,” says the Microsoft founder and reigning richest person in the world. Mutual Mobile has experienced both ups and downs in its first five years of business, each high and low leading to a valuable lesson that will help guide the company. Here’s what the founders had to say about what they’ve learned since the start of Mutual Mobile:

John Arrow, Chairman of the Board: Value has different meanings to various companies. Address value in your customer’s eyes versus your own. Companies don’t do the buying. It’s people within companies who buy, and they buy if you understand how they’re going to be successful. For some, it’s about saving money. For others, it’s about driving revenue. Figuring that out is huge. Organizations pick us because we care about the end result, and we’re willing to become students and understand the value they need.

Mickey Ristroph, Co-Chief Executive Officer: Focus. You have to pay attention to your market, but not get distracted by it. Clients work with us because we’re able to build incredible products by taking the time to understand their business, industry and users. Our scorecard is focused through that lens, not the work of our competitors. Sounds simple and easy, but mobile and emerging tech are distracting environments. When you have the lights shining on you, it’s very easy to go blind. We have seen a lot of companies come and go that were trying to capitalize on the opportunity versus focus on the fundamentals of doing great work.

Tarun Nimmagadda, Co-Chief Executive Officer: Sometimes you’re wrong. About two years ago, I was a huge cheerleader of the notion that as big as apps were in the consumer space, they were going to be even bigger in the enterprise space—in terms of employers making custom applications for workers to use. What has surprised me—and something I’ve learned from—is how wrong I was as far as timing. Enterprises have been slow to make these investments and likely won’t be investing in consumer grade design for several years.

Sam Gaddis, Chief Innovation Officer: Do what you’re passionate about and share your thoughts with your peers. Passion is contagious and it drives our employees to explore, innovate, dream and help generate ideas to transform industries tomorrow. Even better, pitch what you’re passionate about. Seek companies that share similar interests and like to dream big. Without passion, this is just a job.

With focus and passion fueling their mission to bring value to each of their unique customers, Mutual Mobile is excited to discover what lessons will unfold in the future.

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