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BSX honored by AdWeek's Project Isaac

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Approaching creative challenges with an inventive spirit has never been more important. The worlds of marketing and media are being rapidly reshaped by data and technology, but interactive innovation only takes you to the next step.

True firsts can move sectors, categories, companies and people beyond the tactical and into the realm of transformation. This year’s winning work in Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards celebrates the push toward that ideal and ignites the imagination and vision to find what lies beyond the proven and predictable.

Digital Product Development – Easing the Pain for Athletes: BSXinsight / BSX Athletics


No one likes having their blood drawn, not even athletes. But when it comes to monitoring their lactate threshold—a crucial part of disciplined training in many sports—athletes have had to be poked and prodded for accurate results.

Enter BSXinsight, a wearable device and app from Austin-based BSX Athletics that allows sports folk to measure lactate threshold without drawing blood. BSXinsight makes lactate training simple for athletes, by automatically determining personalized training zones and sending data back to their phones or tablets. The sensor uses LEDs to “see” into the calf muscle, and as the light passes through the muscle tissue, it is reshaped by chromatophores, or marker characteristics. That then creates a biosignal that is captured and transmitted to the device.

The data is tracked and stored in an app developed by Mutual Mobile so that athletes can create customized workouts and benchmarks. Even better, BSXinsight’s results are reportedly just as accurate as blood-testing methods.

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