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CEO of Mutual Mobile featured on ModernCTO

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“What's fascinating is that COVID-19 turned the whole ideology of needing a building that will be used for a certain type of activity to occur, and at Mutual Mobile, we found that our people are more productive when, when you're able to work remotely.”


John Arrow, the Founder, and CEO of Mutual Mobile, joins Joel Beasley at Modern CTO to discuss the opportunity of working remotely for some companies. It was found that Mutual Mobile’s employee productivity increased while working from home. At the same time, a few companies cannot work remotely, and for that, one of our co-founders got involved in starting a Safe Return company that allows people to work at offices while taking precautions.

Further on, John and Joel continued to talk about SpaceX, Virtual Reality, and Aviation to transform the future of the digital world.

John Arrow also discussed Mutual Mobile’s birth through a simple app that went viral in 2009 called Hangtime. John realized the importance of using technology to leverage and solve real business problems. That’s when Mutual Mobile came into existence, and we have helped companies like The Olympics, The World Cup, CES, Under Armor, and ESPN identifies product/market fits. We use customer insights to delight users with UX-obsessed web design, app development, and digital experiences.

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