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Firebase Test Lab — Knowledge Boost For Android App Testing

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Not everyone always has easy access to multiple testing devices. As a solution to limited real-time testing capabilities, Google introduced Firebase Test Lab, a collection of testing tools that allows you to test apps on devices hosted in a Google data center.

What can Firebase Test Lab do:

1- Run Robo Test: Robo Test analyzes the structure of your app’s UI. It explores the app methodically, crawling automatically into the app, simulating user activities.

2 –Instrumentation Test: Test Lab lets you run Espresso and UI Automator 2.0 instrumentation tests written to exercise your app from the Firebase console, Android Studio, or the g-cloud command line interface.

3- Game Loop Test: Testing games has presented a host of challenges for testers. Test lab provides a solution to many of these challenges with game loop test.

(Note: We’re going to focus primarily on Robo Test, which requires zero coding.)

Getting Started

  • Set up an account in firebase.
  • Create a new Project (e.g. CloudTest).

Rohit Tiwari

Rohit Tiwari works at Mutual Mobile as a Senior QA Engineer.

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