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Happy Birthday, Mutual Mobile!

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Happy Birthday, Mutual Mobile!

Five years ago this month, five college friends came together to form a company. They knew they wanted to do “something in mobile,” and they all had a calling to entrepreneurship, having already dipped their toes into those waters with former ventures (like John, Tarun, Mickey and Jason), or just knew (like Sam), that creating their own path was the path for them.

With experience in robotics and IT, they thought they wanted to make mobile devices. Lucky for their clients, and for us, they discovered pretty quickly that their true passion lie in helping other companies take advantage of this “new thing” called mobile, via (some pretty cool) custom software.

“Back when the iPhone first came out, it was a cool thing, for sure. But what really got us excited was when Jobs created the App Store. We realized pretty quickly that we could design for that platform and have an impact on the millions of people with iPhones in their pockets much quicker than if we tried to make our own hardware. We got a jump on the competition and had a portfolio of work to show at least three months before anyone else realized the potential of developing mobile applications.”

-Tarun Nimmagadda

From 2009 to 2014, the five founders of Mutual Mobile have grown the company from a place of opportunity to a position of leadership. Today, Mutual Mobile excels at helping brands navigate within and derive value from emerging technologies. Mutual Mobile is an emerging tech agency that creates breakthrough products based on user-centered design.

In honor of this month’s milestone achievement, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts highlighting the road of the past five years – lessons learned, pivotal moments, and a look ahead at where we’ll be at 10. Oh, and we can’t forget those memes.

We welcome you along for the ride. And thank you for being a part of it.

Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile Resource Team.

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