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Masters & Founders: Interview With John Arrow

Mobile App Development
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Founding Media, a podcast network and established leaders intending to tell inspirational stories about the world's doers and how they impact the future. Founding Media featured Mutual Mobile's Founder and CEO on their latest podcast. Dan Dillard and John Arrow discuss Apps, Austin, and Fortune 500 companies.

What I’m really excited about for the company, is that we’re starting to see ‘the next mobile.’ Every few years…we get some new piece of emerging technology that becomes a rocket ship not just for our business but for human progress and innovation. With virtual reality and augmented reality, we’re seeing that happen again.

People think San Fransisco is the place to be if you're a startup, but John disagrees. He loves being in Austin because of the community in the city. He praises the community for its collaboration and people willing to help people.

From a kid selling lemonade and plants to his neighbors, to collegiate innovator (and aviator), to a Forbes Most promising CEOs under 35 Co-founder and CEO, John Arrow embodies Mutual and Mobile.

Join Founding Austin for an insightful Q&A with our Master & Founder, as he takes us through his past, present, and future visions around emerging technology’s impact on business and consumer progress.

To hear more from John about Mutual Mobile, his story, and what's next for him, tune into the entrepreneur podcast of Masters & Founders.

Archana Chellapilla

Archana Chellapilla worked at Mutual Mobile as a Digital Marketing Associate.

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