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Tech Table: Connected Car

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></p><p>For our second edition of Tech Table Live, we join Chris George of Vinli and two post-grads from the University of Texas Computer Science (UTCS) AI-Lab (Michael Albert & Guni Sharon) to discuss the future of autonomous vehicles. Michael and Guni will be discussing the connected car projects they’ve been working on to reduce congestion in Austin and other cities plagued by traffic.</p><p><strong>Panelists</strong></p><ul><li><a href=

Blake Burris, Chief Hacktivist at Vinli

  • Michael Albert, Ph.D., UTCS AI-Lab
  • Guni Sharon, UTCS AI-Lab
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    Show Notes

    • 00:45 – Welcome and What is Vinli?
    • 03:08 – What are Michael and Guni working on?
    • 05:17 – Intersection Management System
    • 07:25 – Mixed Reality Simulation Model
    • 09:36 – Auction Based Intersection Management
    • 12:43 – Adaptive Micro Tolling
    • 17:25 – Main Takeaway from Autonomous Vehicles


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