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The next big thing: Wearables in healthcare

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Hospitals and Health Care

Very few things hold as much potential as wearable technology in healthcare does. Designed for the individual, these custom products are all about tracking your own data and using tech as your health advocate. And this is more important than ever in today’s world of connected devices and connected living.

For instance, centralizing communication can make it easier to talk to other people or devices in your home for simpler living. Using an Alexa or Google Home smart-home system allows you to use voice commands and have a central hub for all the tech in your house. That way, when one person is busy cooking dinner on the stovetop while another checks this email from across town, they’re both still able-bodied enough to help if an emergency of any kind crops up.

></p><p>The healthcare and wearables market holds an ocean of possibilities. Garmin’s all day sensors that track every vital through your day, Apple Watch’s fall detection sensors (auto-enabled for people over 65), <a href=

UV exposure trackers made by L’Oreal, and thousands more super-effective sensory wearable devices.

And with Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit, we can only expect the market to heat up and innovate faster than ever. Getting ahead in the wearables game would mean creating apps that integrate well enough with the platform to become indispensable to your user’s everyday life.

></p><p>But few health care systems can match <a href=

the success of the humble heart rate monitor—especially in the United States. When coupled with activity trackers, they have taken health monitoring to the next level by allowing us an unparalleled level of insight into the vagaries of our bodies.

Although innovation in the mental health monitoring space is an active area of research, we still don’t have technology that can scale to cater to millions of people. Experts opine that such information-rich monitoring can give people access to better insurance plans and health plans.

With a wealth of opportunities for everyone in the fitness, healthcare, and insurance industries, wearables and healthcare are the next big frontier for tech to scale. As the people who have collaborated with BSX, Nike (a video demo of the Skateboarding app), and Under Armour to create path breaking new approaches to analyzing athletic performance, Mutual Mobile couldn’t be more excited to actively work on exploring this new direction!

If you or your team wants to discuss an idea or two, feel free to reach out to us here.

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