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Learn and apply the same product discovery framework AccuWeather and Under Armour used to build their award-winning ideas.

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Your product. Our plan.

Napkin sketch products are cool. But they’re a myth. Building a great product is a lot of work. And that’s why product discovery is so important. Conduct your own workshop using our free guide. Identify the stakeholders you need to onboard. Review strategies to handle communication. Build a clear roadmap to help your team own its product. All with one free guide.
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What our guide can help you do:

Assembling your team.

Putting together a workshop.

Scoping your product.

Testing your idea.

"1/3rd the time. 1/3rd the price."

Bert Myers


Jared Finegold

Senior Product Analyst

Russ King

Director of Contractor Solutions

"Fired on all cylinders in every single function."

Phil Hiller

Senior Project Manager

Kevin Weirich

Sr. Manager Product Marketing

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