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Blockchain for business builds trust that never breaks. Manage complex contracts and move swifter with blockchain.

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Blockchain can empower everybody in your business to access the same information at the same time using a highly efficient workflow. This means blockchain provides the perfect launchpad for companies looking to deliver across industries and rapidly scale. Businesses rely on blockchain to build workflows that rely on immutable records and consensus. Together, these mechanisms ensure every transaction record stays permanently on the system and creates an extremely transparent operational framework.

Boost transparency.

Keep data immutable.

Foster trust.

Automate workflows.

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Mobile App Development

A 68% to 305% increase in your bass catch rates

With 8,645 reviews and 4.5 rating on the App Store and 4,150 reviews and a 4.5 rating on the Play Store in a year, BassForecast is the #1 fishing forecast app in the world.

Web Development

Helping put first responders first

Firefighters have one of the most stressful occupations in the world. In a bid to simplify their job, we helped Xerox build a powerful native iPad app that would handle the bulk of their daily inspections checklist and save them hundreds of man hours.

AR & VR Development

Reimagining retail with virtual reality

As the undisputed leader in everything retail, Walmart wanted to unveil its vision for the future of shopping. We helped them create a virtual shopping experience that put shoppers inside a working VR store, which Walmart showcased at SXSW 2017.

Under Armour Record
Mobile App Development

Award-winning product with 1.94 million users

With 1.94 million users and 2.6 billion logged workouts, the CES Innovation Award-winning Under Armour Record was one of the first ever fitness trackers and helped reimagine our relationship with health and fitness forever.

Mobile App Development

Fluid mobility solutions—the Danish way

Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in the world to own a car. But Dribe used Flexdrive, a technology we helped develop, to let Danes drive more by subscribing to cars and revolutionizing car culture in the eco-friendly Scandinavian nation.

Mobile App Development

An immersive automotive shopping experience

Going car shopping is tough; everything looks great at the dealer’s! To help customers out, Audi partnered with us to set up iPad displays that would let users experience virtual driving, tutorials, and even the feel of the Audi A8 in stunning 3D visuals.

Mobile App Development

50% of Fortune 500s as clients

Over 1.5 billion people trust AccuWeather’s forecasts. But, to keep employees and operations safe, their business users needed more custom tools. The product we built for them helped them increase profits and make their clients vastly more productive.


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Fire Marshal

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Senior Director

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Senior Project Manager

“Sales increased by 67% and custom wear orders were 112% higher.”

Veeral Rathod


"Helped generate more than $1 million in gross revenue."

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Associate Director of Audio

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Head of Product

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Product Manager


What is blockchain technology?

A blockchain is essentially an advanced database mechanism. It stores data in blocks which are linked together in chains. Where blockchains stand out is they store all data chronologically. Every transaction, update, change, edit, and deletion is recorded in an immutable block. To add or delete an entry in the blockchain would require consensus among its participants, which makes blockchain the most trustworthy data management solutions. It’s useful for recording orders, payments, and other related transactions in an unalterable format.

How do you build a blockchain?

Although creating a blockchain from scratch is not impossible, it is a tough and time-consuming process. That’s why we help businesses leverage existing blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, or Cardano to program their use case on. This takes less time, gives you the results you require, and helps businesses work with trusted platforms that are supported by thousands of developers the world over.

Is the blockchain safe?

As a database, blockchain is an inherently secure database with built-in anti-cheating protocols. It uses cryptography, decentralization, and consensus to guarantee transactions can be trusted without doubt. Blockchains are also devoid of single points of failure, which ensures they can always be up and running. No single user can tamper with the system which ensures it is tamper-free and the data is always true and correct.

What kind of transactions do I need a blockchain for?

Blockchains are highly useful, but still not a silver bullet. Therefore, you must only use a blockchain if you’re comfortable with the fact that the data you store cannot be modified (proof of existence), cannot be denied by its owner (non-repudiation), you prefer decentralization, you would like a single source of truth, and need high security. If you’re okay with this, our team can help you iron out the final details and understand how you can maximize blockchain’s potential for your business.

Is blockchain business-friendly?

Greater trust and transparency in the blockchain system ensures there is zero duplication of effort. It also bears huge implications for the supply chain by helping create workflows around self-executing smart contracts. Moreover, blockchains improve security, lower organization-wide costs, and create vastly more efficient workflows. From our experience working with Fortune 500s and startups, we can firmly say that blockchain is the best business bet you can make this decade.

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