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AGCO AgCommand

Increased margins and reduced costs—the magic of IoT

AGCO and Mutual Mobile partner to usher a new wave of precision farming with their breakthrough IoT tool, AgCommand.

Project introduction

The future of farming faces great expectations

As a $6.4 trillion global industry that employs 1.3 billion people worldwide, agriculture is experiencing a technological transformation. These technologies are paramount to feeding an estimated population of 10 billion people by 2050, which will require a 70% increase in food production. With this grand challenge ahead, technology will play a key role, with the global precision farming market estimated to reach more than $6.43 billion by 2022.

In order to equip clients with the tools needed to meet current demands and scale for the future, AGCO’s VP of Product Management in Global Advanced Technology Solutions, Matt Rushing, and his team are responsible for helping AGCO dealers and farmers reduce costs and increase margins through Fuse, AGCO’s futuristic approach to precision agriculture. Fuse Technologies–including AgCommand, AGCO’s flagship telemetry tool–is the foundation of the optimized farm.


AGCO, Mutual Mobile shift gears to better connect the farm and its constituents

With its core objectives in mind for taking Fuse and AgCommand to the next level, AGCO turned to Mutual Mobile to help build a mobile strategy and application experience to solve these very problems. Before a single line of code was written, Mutual Mobile consulted, examined, and studied farmers, dealers, and members of the AGCO team from around the globe, on-site, to learn the details of their day-to-day operations.

With their findings in mind, AGCO and Mutual Mobile began working on an updated version of AgCommand that enables users to better understand their operation’s performance through an interface that even the busiest farmer and dealer can understand. In the time it takes to complete one crop cycle, the new AgCommand evolved from the earliest stage of product discovery through Alpha, Beta, and V1 Product release. The tool evolved into a high-functioning, telemetry-enabled fleet health and performance management system.

"With the updated AgCommand driving Fuse Connected Services, AGCO is now in a better position to grow the agriculture industry in a more digital, non-traditional way that will continue to be advantageous to our customers." - Matt Rushing, Vice President, Product Management in Global Advanced Technology Solutions AGCO.


Primary features include

At a glance screen

This view provides a quick dashboard for the machines dealers are monitoring on behalf of their farmer customers. It includes the location of each machine, the severity of any issues or alerts, color-coded icons and quick access to detailed performance parameter data, displayed through charts and graphs.

Maintenance and service interval tracking

This feature lets dealers track specific maintenance schedules, both AGCO’s recommended intervals and custom dealer tracking, based on the crop cycle. It improves warranty support and creates new revenue opportunities for dealers, while enhancing the relationship between the dealer and the farmer.


AgCommand offers a variety of useful reports that can optimize, measure results, and add deeper insight into a farmer’s operation.

Automatic alerts

Customers receive timely alerts, advising that service is due in the upcoming month. This allows customers to plan for downtime and ensure service is done on time.

Geofences and asset tracking

Users have the ability to track their assets, which allows them to know where their equipment is at all times. It can even assist in theft recovery.

Privacy measures

AgCommand only pulls in machine and equipment data, without processing agronomic data. This separation of information allows for the safeguarding and hygiene of individual farmers’ proprietary information.

With AgCommand rolling out to dealers across the globe, AGCO and Mutual Mobile are focused on continued development of this product, as well as creating new strategic technologies in the near future.

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