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Higher revenues and lower costs with a cleaner backend system

Amtek is a family-owned civil construction reporting company that operates in three places in Texas—Austin, Dallas, and Houston. They provide comprehensive reports covering the entire bid phase on projects, right from bid notice to apparent low bidders and everything in between. Their service also caters to contractors for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Project introduction

Amtek had built its reporting service using legacy code, which was slowing down processes. Additionally, Excel was manually handling a bulk of the work, which slowed down the operations even further. This was limiting their frontend and backend capabilities and their ability to scale and expand, which is when they contacted Mutual Mobile. 


Rebuilding a web app written with legacy code

During talks with us, Amtek made their requirements clear. They wanted us to develop a modern web application that removed the existing legacy code. Apart from slowing down processes, this code also affected Amtek’s capacity to produce insightful periodic reports. Thus, we decided to develop a new cloud-based platform hosted on AWS Lambda for Amtek while accounting for specific inputs from them on UX. 


Building a seamless app with AWS Lambda

With an aggressive deadline on the horizon, we employed a staff augmentation system to help Amtek scale faster. Our Point of Contact (PoC) at Amtek determined the priorities and implementation, which also included delegating tasks and defining backlogs.

We visualized a solution during our brainstorming sessions that would use C# for the backend, Angular for the frontend, and MongoDB for the database. Taking advantage of our Amazon Web Services connect, we employed libraries from Lambda, API Gateway, S3, SQS, and Cloudwatch to implement critical modules to boost Amtek’s business offerings. We also executed cron jobs to generate periodic reports, schedule events, and assign users, which would help speed up the processes. To showcase a seamless experience, we also developed backend APIs and custom apps that used the C#.NET framework and deployed Amazon Web Services’ Lambda functions.

“When it comes to project management, they’re on another level. Despite being in a different time zone, communication between our teams is great and they’re extremely easy to work with. They take project management very seriously and are quick to respond to any inquiries. If it’s the middle of the night, they get back to us in the morning.” - Product Manager, Amtek.


Streamlining the platform and quicker processing times

Cleaner backend system

During the course of the project, we developed the platform’s core functionalities and tested it in a staging environment. This helped create a cleaner backend system that efficiently deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which helped Amtek cut costs in lost processing time.

Increase in revenue

The development and testing of the platform’s core functionalities gave Amtek a competitive edge over its competitors, which also helped in increasing their revenues considerably.

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