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Online auto shopping takes a new turn

Finding what you want – even if you don’t know what you want? accomplishes just that on an ever-expanding set of mobile platforms.


Project introduction

More choices for buyers

What started as a search app for iPad now includes iPhone, with Android and Mobile Web coming soon. The app provides more ways for shoppers to find the right vehicle. In addition to offering traditional match-this-model searches, the app lets shoppers search by location, price, and other criteria to uncover more choices.

"Mutual Mobile’s focus on creating outstanding user experiences results in mobile products that provide real value and drive significant business impact." - Jose Puente - Director of Mobile Products & Strategy


More exposure for sellers

With more search results – and types of search results – sellers enjoy more significant avenues through which they can connect buyers with their listings. And with buying tools like vehicle alerts and price calculators for shoppers at every stage of the process, empowers sellers to target shoppers with the right message at the right time.

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