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Children’s Services Council

Stellar app ratings of 4.6 with 3x subscribers

Children's Services Council (CSC) is a countywide special taxing district created by ordinance and approved by voters to fund programs and services that improve the lives of children and families. CSC supports 44 non-profits and agencies in Palm Beach County, providing a range of 64 services to families in the community.


Project introduction

Children’s Services Council partnered with Mutual Mobile to build immersive iOS and Android apps that would simplify parenting. It would fetch insights about growing children and collate them on an informative timeline. The apps had to be inclusive since they would be catering to parents, grandparents, and legal guardians from diverse backgrounds. 

Furthermore, the platforms had to be accessible, have push notification capability, and be interactive. Hence they required a team of experienced developers who were also proficient in Swift. 


Red tape and disjointed development

CSC is a government body that tied up with us to develop apps for iOS and Android. However, we only had to develop the front-end since another agency was handling back-end development.

Unfortunately, due to red tape, we could not receive the contract for the back-end. This slowed down processes on our end since the backend team kept delaying deliverables. But, our team kept plugging away, and we ultimately tasted success.


Simple and effective parenting solution

The app we designed for the Children's Service Council helped simplify parenting. The application helps users keep track of children's education, health, behavior, growth, and safety.

The iOS app was designed on Swift to provide users with an immersive app experience. For a well-rounded app user experience, we also integrated Retrofit as the REST API client, Dagger2 for dependency injection, Glide for image loading, RxJava for networking, Realm as the database, and Firebase for analytics and crashlytics

Some key features that we worked on for the EveryParent app included:

  • Personalized information for 0-6574 days of child growth.
  • Displayed information regarding top concerns like education, safety, bullying, nutrition, and children making the right choices.
  • Implemented automated push notifications specific to a child’s profile.
“From the beginning, their expertise and knowledge within the industry distinguished them from other companies. They knew the technology and were ahead of the curve with changes coming to the programming languages. Besides, their proactivity, creativity, and communicative nature made the experience seamless. I think highly of their work, and I’m thrilled with the work they’ve done.” -  Michael Roedel, Digital Communications Administrator, Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County.


Highly-rated app and spike in subscribers

This was an exciting project that our team had the opportunity to work on, and by the end of it, we had numerous achievements to be proud of:

Successfully accomplished targets

Achieved the 1-year target for downloads and active users within six months.

Excellent app ratings

The EveryParent app received fantastic feedback for the iOS and Android apps. Its ratings were stellar—4.7 and 4.4 on iOS and Android.

Rise in subscription

Within the first two years, 3x the number of expected subscribers downloaded the EveryParent app.

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