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High-performing app with over 2 million water tests

BioLab Inc. develops, produces, and markets swimming pool and spa maintenance products along with their famous household cleaning supplies line.


Cordova issues and test result inaccuracies

Following the launch of their water test strips, Clorox realized they needed a web and mobile application to communicate with customers and improve accessibility.

BioLab Inc. partnered with Mutual Mobile to create a seamless user experience and simplify water testing by troubleshooting pool care for their target audience. 

Before Mutual Mobile, Clorox used Cordova, a hybrid development framework that provided a single code base for all platforms. During the project, the Clorox team had limited proficiency with Cordova. Mutual Mobile rose to the occasion by learning the technology on the job.


Five-sprint project execution

The objective

Create a platform to market Clorox products while educating consumers. 

Desired product features

  • Instant water analysis results.
  • Product and dosage recommendations.
  • Easy access to helpful information on basic pool care and customary problem prevention.
  • User-friendly eCommerce shopping platform.


Mutual Mobile developed a 360º platform for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices (native and web experiences), supporting end users on every device. 

Product checklist

  • Reimagined purchasing drove sales through smart and seamless experience design and retail partner integration. 
  • Computer vision technology enabled pool owners to scan test strips and instantly receive customized care directions using our recommendation engine.
  • TDD (Test-Driven Development) was used for the Water Test component, to help ensure accuracy of the populated pool treatment plans. This was also Mutual Mobile’s first searchable, crawl-able, fully responsive Single-Page WebApp in a .com scenario.
  • The Pool Time application was created from a single code base, connecting all three platforms (i.e., iOS, Android and Web).
  • An auto-generated living style guide was used by the design and development team to easily update formatting throughout the product, reducing future maintenance costs. 


Mutual Mobile delivered a successful product in May 2017. Shortly after, the digital partners were hired again to build a similar application for the BioLab Clorox Pool & Spa product line. The client was satisfied that they rehired Mutual Mobile to rebuild their existing Clorox application.

"Mutual Mobile’s drive to be part of long-standing solutions means that they work collaboratively from day one with a vision that goes beyond on-trend products. Their work has solidified a positive brand opinion. They are very flexible and engage with each other and with my team." -Senior Digital Product Manager at BioLab Inc


Building the brand with user experience

  • The application made self-testing possible for pool owners. Customers now have a better understanding of proper care of pools.
  • The first water-testing application on the market, the Clorox: Pool & Spa app elevates consumer experience across the pool market.
  • Nearly 300,000 Clorox Pool & Spa App users. 
  • 2 million water tests performed in the app.  
  • Over $150K worth of in-app purchases were made to date.