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A groundbreaking product with intelligence, security, and style

How eero and Mutual Mobile revolutionized WiFi.

Project introduction

Inspiring vision

Wi-Fi should be low-profile. It should be minimal, everywhere from its installation to its physical footprint. Wi-Fi should be personal. Not just secure, but customizable. Wi-Fi should be consistent, pervasive, and strong. Too often, that’s not the case. Something should step in to make sure this essential, foundational piece of daily life is living up to the standards we rightfully put upon it.



New experiences

A powerful out-of-the-box experience was essential to the success of the product. Smart hardware works seamlessly with elegant software, spinning up the system immediately and delivering a steady flow of fast Wi-Fi. The app’s easy user interface, intuitive flow, and clean design enabled users to set up eero Wi-Fi in minutes using just their mobile phone. Before eero, there wasn’t a product that could do this. After eero partnered with Mutual Mobile, the promise of easy, reliable, mobile Wi-Fi for all was fulfilled.

"Out of the box it only takes a few minutes to install the eero app, connect a base router to your cable modem and get a network up and running. The company has taken what used to be a laborious process and made it drop-dead simple." - TechCrunch


Powerful partners

Mutual Mobile engineers and developers worked hand-in-hand with eero to realize the vision of simple, seamless, mobile Wi-Fi that works immediately and indefinitely. Mutual Mobile and eero set out to build a mobile app that enabled users to set up Wi-Fi in their home in minutes with only a mobile phone and an eero router. Mutual Mobile’s fully-integrated design and development workflow enabled the teams to keep an accelerated schedule.


Cross-functional teams working in a scrum process helped to achieve maximum progress and made collaboration a key part of the process. Each iteration was comprehensively tested and approved by Subject Matter Experts and progressively improved before seeing integration into the final product. This made for a steadier, more linear development process. Mutual Mobile helped eero maintain the core focus on big goals while expanding the possibilities, and sidestepping the common pitfalls that lay along the path to success.


Incredible impressions

Mutual Mobile engineers and developers made it a personal and professional mission to produce a final product that was as groundbreaking as it was effective. The resulting feedback is overwhelming. Critics and the public praise it for its simplicity, coverage, utility, intelligence, style, and security.

Innovation and expertise guaranteed

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