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Elevate IQ

How Elevate IQ improved productivity and customer satisfaction?

Improving customer-broker communication in commercial real estate.

Elevate Growth Partners is a brokerage firm using technology to reimagine the commercial real estate (CRE) space. Their mission is to link the industry's top talents to the technology that makes the lease transaction process seamless and efficient. COVID-19 hit commercial real estate hard. Elevate used this as an opportunity to expand by using their proprietary software ElevateIQ. ElevateIQ empowers tenant rep brokers to focus their resources on what matters most – delivering impressive real estate outcomes to their customers.


Monitoring transactions and broker-customer visibility

Asana, a popular but limited project management software, was Elevate’s primary internal tool for tracking properties. Each time they acquired a new customer, Elevate had to rebuild a new project with all the available assets. Additionally, brokers collected property information and prepared PDFs and flyers to share with clients, which involved more manual data entry. 

All communication happened via email or phone, creating a clunky and often frustrating, non-transparent customer experience. Elevate's functionality created problems in managing information as data was distributed through various locations. To make matters worse, there was no central platform for processing these transactions. 

The brokers worked individually and provided properties to their customers without coordination with the rest of the brokers, resulting in a disconnect on additional properties. This siloed model resulted in several communication issues between the brokers and the customers.

ElevateIQ partnered with Mutual Mobile to build a customer-broker communication platform to fix the problem and improve the customer experience.

"Our experience with Mutual Mobile has been phenomenal. We were up against some pretty overwhelming problems in the CRE space, and with the team's help we've built incredibly powerful, intuitive software to enable our brokers to win more business and while delivering an unforgettable customer experience. The team at Mutual Mobile is consistent, reliable and transparent with their process and deliverables. I'm always impressed at their ability to interpret our needs and provide a simple, beautiful solution." - Lauren Martin, Head of Product at Elevate Growth Partners


Reduced redundancy with simplified work

With simple deployment and features, Mutual Mobile helped ElevateIQ save time and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • The branded client experience dashboard provides customers with an intuitive way to interact with potential properties while working more closely with their broker.  
  • Elevate can now exchange project information with customers without having to repeat property details each time.
  • Customers no longer need to go back and forth between various communication channels. 
  • Guests can log in using their desired email instead of creating separate accounts to view property assets. 
  • Helpful customer features including, “FAQ Section”, “Favorites”, “Sort by Most Likes” and an option to “Update Property Status” further enhance the customer experience.
  • Customers can communicate with brokers by liking and commenting on property images. This promotes customer engagement, full transparency, and two-way communication.
  • The web portal gives brokers a consistent, reliable way to input property data and manage this crucial stage of the tenant rep transaction. Thus, saving time and effort. 

Innovation and expertise guaranteed

Mutual Mobile’s innovative and systematic approach helps clients solve problems, elevate business, and refresh their brand. Contact us to know more.