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Transforming Flexdrive into a million-dollar company

Flexdrive is a vehicle subscription program that offers consumers an alternative to traditional vehicle ownership (i.e., purchase and lease). One of Flexdrive’s significant differentiators was that their cars included insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. These benefits are included in the subscription price, with the ability to swap or return the vehicle for no additional cost.

Project introduction

The auto industry had been in dire straits for decades, economic priorities were changing faster than ever, and the industry was ripe for disruption. Hence, Flexdrive wanted to change the world with a new subscription-based automobile platform. Right from the beginning, Flexdrive CEO Jose Puente knew that the app would prove to be the most crucial part of their plan. 

Thus, Flexdrive partnered with Mutual Mobile to implement its ambitious plan of creating an end-to-end mobile experience for vehicle subscriptions.


Third-party integrations with React Native

Throughout the project, we faced several challenges relating to integrating numerous third-party software with React Native. But, not one to give up, we collaborated with the third-party vendors and helped them re-write their APIs (application programming interfaces) to be more performant, stable, and scalable. 


Built to transform. Built to scale.

Flexdrive was an end-to-end project for Mutual Mobile since we provided the client with in-house strategy, design, development, and support expertise. 

Keeping the end-goal in sight, Flexdrive and Mutual Mobile decided on a three-pronged approach:

Phase one

Mutual Mobile conducted discovery and independent research to help build numerous wireframes, paper prototypes, and the app's design. This phase also involved incorporating Material Design—a design language developed by Google.

Phase two

Mutual Mobile also provided additional technical solutions to enable progressive growth and streamline operations. One such solution was an internal app that allowed Flexdrive to efficiently and securely approve applications.

Phase three

Developed a tool that helped enhance user portals while giving real-time access to consumers. This tool also helped Flexdrive partner with dealerships and enterprises.

"After working with Mutual Mobile for many years, I trust them to help us with execution of the Flexdrive vision. Thanks to their partnership, we’ve expanded from a fleet of 35 vehicles in one market to now offer almost 6000 vehicles in ten major metros…and we are just getting started." - Jose Puente, CEO of Flexdrive.


Transforming the automotive industry with subscription services

Once we partnered with Flexdrive and chartered out the strategy, the apps were available to consumers in a matter of mere months, and these were the highlights of our partnership:

Instant connection with consumers

The subscribers were quite impressed with the service, so much so that they took care of the vehicles, feeling a sense of connection and ownership.

Future expansion

Flexdrive was received so well by consumers that the brand expanded from one location to ten within a short period, while growing to 200,000+ active subscribers.

Million dollar growth

Thanks to its industry-reforming innovation, Flexdrive became a million-dollar company and was acquired by Lyft in 2020 for 20 million USD.

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