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Average app store ratings of 4.75 and a revamped digital experience

H-E-B was founded in 1905 and is now the largest private retailer in Texas and one of USA’s 15 largest privately held companies. It is also the leading food retailer in the Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Rio Grande Valley markets. H-E-B has over 358 stores across formats, including superstores, supermarkets, and gourmet shops.

Project introduction

Despite their expertise in running successful brick-and-mortar stores, H-E-B was significantly alarmed by the news of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. This purchase accelerated the digital retail revolution, and H-E-B’s expertise threatened to become their Achilles Heel. 

Mutual Mobile’s engagement with H-E-B started with a request to place a renewed focus on bolstering their presence in the online grocery space. At the same time, they wanted to make their online shopping app more sophisticated while providing additional benefits to consumers.


Translating 100 years of brand value into an app

H-E-B’s storied past as a choice brick-and-mortar store encountered the unfamiliar prospect of reintroducing itself to its patrons in an app. Not only did the digital recreation have to convey over a century’s worth of brand goodwill, it also had to unfailingly deliver. 

Blending creative strategy with calibrated engineering, we had to help them chart out a path that would feel like a natural extension of their in-store customer experience to sway new customers and retain the existing ones.


An inclusive approach to revamp customers’ digital experience

To revamp the H-E-B experience for customers, Mutual Mobile started by looking at the UX design for coupons and product search and filtering. To understand the grocery experience shoppers preferred, we engaged them in an extensive user research exercise. 

At the same time, we entirely took over from the development team at H-E-B, which helped in improving efficiency and workflow. Additionally, we also stepped in to handle the QA for the app since it wasn't an area of expertise for H-E-B. 

Finally, we designed and developed a long-term digital strategy to keep up with the industry’s evolving requirements, which helped H-E-B attract more consumers. This resulted in a successful collaboration and release of H-E-B’s new app—My H-E-B.


An easy-to-use app experience rated highly by users

This was an exciting project that our team had the opportunity to work on, and by the end of it, we had numerous achievements to be proud of:

Accessible coupon experience

H-E-B’s winning feature was its coupon experience, which we made accessible for every shopper. The app also encouraged shoppers to jot down their shopping lists within it, ensuring that the app became synonymous with value in their minds. 

User-friendly app design 

The app’s final design overturned H-E-B’s Achilles Heel and made it its biggest strength. 

Highly-rated and popular app as declared by users

Across the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, My H-E-B has an average rating of 4.75 with combined reviews of 33.1k.

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