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Utility and educational app with 4 stars and praise for data privacy

The Jr. NBA is the official youth basketball participation program organized by the NBA, a paid membership program that encourages the youth to take an interest in basketball. Keeping that in mind, they set up a repository containing detailed resources for youth basketball players, parents, coaches, and league administrators to improve their knowledge of the sport.

Project introduction

Jr. NBA’s existing Android and iOS app did not offer much value to users because it repurposed existing content from the Jr. NBA website, leading to app deletions and reduced downloads. Hence developing a new all-inclusive and engaging Android and iOS app useful for basketball coaches was the need of the hour. 

Thus, in 2017, Jr. NBA approached Mutual Mobile to develop a new app to reverse its fortunes. The app had to be designed keeping novice youth basketball coaches in mind, which was the primary target audience.


Developing an interactive app

The new app also had to serve as a utility to teach and promote the game of basketball. Hence, the challenge for Mutual Mobile here was to include customized practice plans, demonstrative videos, drills, and rules. 

We also faced limitations while working with React Native for specific features, which would have been easier to develop in native code.


User-friendly Android and iOS apps

Keeping the objective in mind, Mutual Mobile did a stellar job with the new app, which was named Jr. NBA Coach. Since it was going to be a cross-platform app, i.e., both for Android and iOS, we employed React Native to develop both versions. 

To keep the app fresh and exciting for users, we implemented the following features while incorporating the style guide provided to us by Jr. NBA:

  • Practice planning: Coaches could save and share practice plans.
  • Digital whiteboard: This allowed coaches to develop their strategies and plays or load existing plays from the app.
  • Division of plays: Coaches could also divide basketball plays based on the type.
  • Fun skills and drills: Coaches could search and view content that was present on the Jr. NBA website.


Rave reviews and praise for data privacy

It was an exciting project that we worked on with Jr. NBA for their Coach app, resulting in the following key takeaways:

Highly-rated Android and iOS app

The Jr. NBA Coach app garnered rave reviews for its user-friendly design and interactive features, with 65% of users rating it 4 and above on both Android and iOS.

Data privacy in the hands of users

The new update to the app allowed users to decide what information to share; this gave Jr. NBA an edge over its competitors. 

GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance

Jr. NBA contacted us again in 2020 to integrate OneTrust’s SDK into their apps to meet the GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance requirements.

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