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Modo Payments

1,000 registered users in no time for the Crustacean Nation app

Modo Payments is a payments technology company from Richardson, Texas. Originally founded to help customers combine different forms of value like coupons, loyalty points, gift cards, and other offers to pay in stores. A nimble-footed company, Modo has evolved to partner with businesses looking to innovate payments systems.

Project introduction

With time, Modo Payments evolved into a bank-grade payments stack for enterprises, which is when it tied up with Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, a popular Minor League Baseball team, and engaged its fans beyond mere ballpark experiences. They envisioned an app that would allow fans frequenting the Baseball Grounds in Jacksonville to view ballpark maps, access event schedules, and get exclusive perks in their ticketing experience. This was when Modo Payments sought out Mutual Mobile for their expertise.


Reinventing the popular baseball experience for fans

Modo sought to create iOS and Android apps that would amplify the fan experience by improving access to tickets, events, maps, and games; but lacked the expertise to do so. They wanted to implement a one-of-its-kind experience that caters to Jumbo Shrimp fans. Mutual Mobile’s proposed approach was the closest fit to Modo’s vision, and we commenced work on bringing this fantastic idea to life


Integrating features to create a smooth experience

Committed to bringing Modo’s innovative vision to life, we set to work on designing an app that introduced a revolutionary subscription-based business model to fans. With a subscription, they would be able to make the most of their ballpark time with exciting activities.

A key highlight in this experience was bringing the team’s beloved mascot—Scampi—to life. Our team designed and built an augmented reality (AR) game that would allow fans to interact with the mascot or take a selfie with him on the app, which was playfully named Crustacean Nation, a callout to the mascot’s deepwater origins and how much fans identify with it. In fact, the app helped increase ticket sales with the new subscription-based model and opened up new revenue opportunities for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.


A jumbo treat for Jumbo Shrimp fans

Large number of registrations and subscriptions

Shortly after its release, the Crustacean Nation app quickly reached over 1,000 registered users, who engaged with the experience to support the Jacksonville team.

Hassle-free app experience

The app was received with immense enthusiasm and interest, chiefly because it made booking tickets a hassle-free (and fun) experience.

Allowed fans to engage with the team

The Crustacean Nation app opened the fan experience beyond the ballpark and allowed people—especially the team’s passionate young following—to engage with the team in an intimate and humanized fashion.

Elevate your business with Mutual Mobile

Designing apps is one of the things that we do well. If you have any such requirements and wish to elevate your business, we are your dream team. You can reach out to us over here.