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Easing processes and saving time for end-users

Transcore is a transport sector leader and provides innovative, technical solutions and engineering services for applications involving next-generation open road tolling and traffic management systems.

Project introduction

Integrating transportation with technology 

Transcore operates award-winning customer service toll centers for transportation departments across the U.S. and internationally. A leader in Radio Frequency Identification systems used in the transport sector, TransCore provides access to airports, hospitals, parking garages, border patrols, trucking fleets, and the rail industry.


Handling toll payments 

In 2018, Transcore approached Mutual Mobile to create a customer-centric application to collect tolls online. Transcore works with different agencies in the US. Transcore’s primary objective was to handle payments for tolls on highways efficiently.  Heading in 2021, Mutual Mobile is still working with Transcore

Transcore has an in-house application development team working on the application’s backend, whereas Mutual Mobile assisted them with its frontend. Transcore has ties with contract agencies for this application, regulating more users and the easy flow of toll payments. Earlier, government authorities had to check manually, conduct paperwork, and send letters to each individual. And Transcore hoped to eliminate the long and strenuous process through a simple application.


Effective functionalities to enable toll payments

  • A self-serving application for users to pay tolls after using a particular highway through preferred payment methods. 
  • Users have to register their vehicles and attach a transponder to identify each car specifically. 
  • Users will be notified when they receive a payment request for a toll crossed or deducted automatically from their account.
  • The application also has a one-time payment feature wherein users can pay without registering.
  • North Carolina agencies application also has an additional feature of car-pooling, which requires three registered users and setting a period for using a vehicle.
  • We delivered native mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with Transcore’s backend system.
  • Ensured PCI compliance and scalability, integrating with 3rd party payment providers such as ‘CardConnect’. 
  • Transcore now considers Mutual Mobile as their preferred mobile apps development partner. We are currently in discussions with them to build a third & fourth
    app—one for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) and the other for the State of Ohio.


Smooth flow of payment

The Transcore application helped the end-users save time. They could view all the information, tolls, payments to process, on their phone and could contact the support team quickly instead of contacting authorities and getting an issue resolved through a long process.

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