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TUYA Technologies

Enhancing efficiency with diminishing costs and greater benefits

TUYA is a Texas-based tech company that’s making same-day delivery better for businesses. Their digital marketplace platform makes the entire experience seamless and faster by connecting users directly with a crowdsourced fleet of qualified delivery professionals. Businesses can place their delivery orders online or via the mobile app, and delivery professionals accept the orders that fit into their routes and schedules.

Project introduction

TUYA Technologies wanted to atomize the delivery market and allow shippers to efficiently and cost-effectively provide direct access to the IDP (Independent Delivery Professionals) community. In this manner, TUYA Technologies would replace the traditional delivery system with a forward-facing technology-enabled solution. 

Hence, TUYA Technologies approached Mutual Mobile to update their existing web platform along with partner apps on iOS and Android, to provide an enhanced quality experience for both shippers and IDPs.


Incoherent code architecture and pre-existing issues

We faced a labyrinth of challenges in this project since we had to update their existing platforms and applications. The code architecture was disjointed, there was a pre-existing backlog of bugs across the platforms, and there was a miscommunication of expectations between various stakeholders.

However, with our award-winning team, these challenges were overcome brilliantly.


Superior technology to eliminate inefficiencies

During the discovery phase, TUYA and we decided on a single objective—to introduce greater transparency to the delivery process by addressing one of the greatest frustrations in any delivery process, i.e., “where is my delivery?”

Keeping this in mind, a combined total of three platforms and cross-platform applications were developed—TUYA Now, TUYA Driver, and TUYA Shipper.

We incorporated best-in-class methodologies while we:

  • Reviewed existing code, backlogs, CI/CD setup, and other project artifacts.
  • Identified architecture root causes of performance and stability problems and defined an incremental architecture roadmap.
  • Prepared a detailed Firebase integration plan.
  • Worked with product owners to identify the shortest path to an MVP launch.
  • Field-tested a launch of the MVP.
  • Developed a robust cloud-hosted backend for the platform and the applications. 


Diminished costs leading to higher benefits

The solutions we developed enabled TUYA to achieve the following results:

  • Higher fees per job.
  • Increased job density (lower downtime).
  • Incremental earning opportunities (such as sales commissions).
  • Flexible working hours for the delivery partners 
  • Establish relationships with shippers who will provide them with ongoing work.
  • Manage their business with ease and cost-effectiveness (e.g., invoicing, collection, risk management, tax support, etc.)

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