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Under Armour Xpress

Enhancing customer experience with product customization

Under Armour is a sports equipment company that made a splash in the industry with its innovative tech-oriented approach to athletic apparel and footwear. Under Armour’s vision is to inspire consumers with performance solutions they cannot imagine living without. Keeping this mantra in mind, they design innovative products built to perform.

Project introduction

To live up to its mission of providing the world with technologically advanced products, Under Armour knew it needed to stay ahead of the curve on customer experience. The major sports brand discovered that not everyone wants off-the-shelf department store products by listening to customers. In fact, many of their customers preferred shopping online and customizing their products to match their personalities. 

To improve customers' experience and solve this potential problem, Under Armour collaborated with Mutual Mobile. 


Reinventing online shopping

UA Xpress had to function as Under Armour’s online apparel store and a virtual cutting floor for every outfit. Online shopping back then revolved around driving the user from quick picks to full carts, and hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button.
We had to keep a buyer keyed in through a process that gave them room for pause, try fits and colors, backtrack, and be picky, while still inviting them to buy. 


Seamless user-friendly web application

This project kicked off with designing the entire web app, which had to have a user-friendly interface to provide consumers with a personalized shopping experience. The web app was developed based on the style guides provided by Under Armour's Design Team. The MVP of this web app was launched on time and with minimal issues. 

Users could log on to the UA Xpress website, select the product they wanted to customize, and get started with it. It was as simple as that!

The highlight of our efforts was the intricately designed ‘customization flow’. Users could upload their favorite artworks to the ‘Personal Artwork Library’ on UA Xpress, and add that to the product of their choice. 

We incorporated SlickStitch—a third-party integration onto the web application. This allowed consumers to view rendered versions of their customized products.


Intuitive UI/UX meets custom design

Some achievements that this project resulted in include:

Clean and intuitive UI/UX

A high-performing UI that provided consumers with the personalized shopping experience they craved. This also helped attract and engage with new consumers through positive reviews and word of mouth.

Ability to create multiple custom products

Users also had the freedom to create multiple custom products and order them in bulk. In addition, they also had the option to choose between different embellishment types (Heat transfer vs. embroidery), which enhanced the entire process. 

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