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Under Armour Record

Award-winning product with 1.94 million users

Under Armour is a leading performance apparel company that believes in making athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. The Under Armour Record is one such notable advancement. The platform lets you set and reach goals while helping users cut through the clutter by delivering personal insights that add motivation and guide them to better performances.

Project introduction

Under Armour focused its efforts on expanding its presence in the connected fitness space by delivering a competitive suite of fitness tracking products. The idea was audacious and the first of its kind - introducing a new paradigm for tracking health and fitness data, brought to life through wearables and a mobile application.

Mutual Mobile’s record while working on IoT, handling cross-functionality, new-to-market hardware, and meeting aggressive deadlines spoke for itself, and we were drafted in.


Upping the ante in the connected fitness space

The challenge here was to develop an innovative and comprehensive mobile user experience that collated the data collected from wearables like the UA band, heart rate monitor, and scale with the UA HealthBox, and then display it in an insightful dashboard. 

Furthermore, to combat the aggressive timeline, we set up a talented team of 20+ individuals.


Integrated fitness features under one roof

UA also envisioned a version of the Record app that could combine 50+ health and fitness trackers to provide detailed insights, which also included a user dashboard to provide a 24/7 holistic view of athlete health based on sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition.


Keeping these objectives in mind, we:

Designed a workflow

We put together a team of individuals to collaborate with UA’s digital team to tackle challenges and meet aggressive timelines. The teams incorporated Agile to work on the project in two-week sprints. The retrospectives added time to pause and work on continuous improvement.

Overcame technical challenges

One of the critical challenges we faced involved partnering with multiple hardware vendors through every phase of development, managing simultaneous iOS and Android integrations, and laying down a core architecture and flow.

Developed a Bluetooth framework

We also developed a proprietary Bluetooth framework that helped enhance the performance of device discovery, connection, session continuity, and firmware updates.



Winning eight awards at the Consumer Electronics Show

Award-winning product

Under Armour won eight awards at CES 2016, including the 2016 Wearable Best in Show.

Massive number of users

Since its launch in 2016, the app had 1.94 million users with 2.6B workouts and activities logged in 2016.

High reviews on app platforms

At the time of being live on Android and iOS platforms, the app garnered rave reviews in the form of 4 (13,795 reviewers) and 4.5 (9,255 reviewers) stars, respectively.

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