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Union Bank

An award-winning unified mobile banking experience

Union Bank is a commercial banking giant based in San Francisco, California. It specializes in small and personal banking solutions, investments, corporate banking, and wealth management services. In 2021, U.S. Bancorp acquired Union Bank from the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group for $8 billion for expanding its customer base on the West Coast.

Project introduction

Union Bank was primarily present along the West Coast in the USA; however, they were drawing plans to make their presence felt across the country. Considering the scenario, the Union Bank leadership believed that a strong mobile capability was essential for attracting and delighting consumers in new markets. 

Hence, we were approached in 2012 to overhaul Union Bank’s existing iOS app, optimizing it for both iPhone and iPad, while developing an Android app from scratch.


Subpar user experience

Union Bank’s existing iOS app had a subpar UX that dismayed consumers. Furthermore, they did not have an Android app as well. 

Hence, we approached the project with only one objective—developing iOS and Android apps with outstanding user experience. A well-designed interface would help engage and attract consumers. This would give Union Bank the jump they needed to expand nationwide. 


Seamless banking experience

We were extremely excited to get started with this project since it signaled our first foray into the world of financial services. Before commencing with app development in 2012, we set ourselves a target of applying the same interface across functions and platforms to create a truly unified and seamless banking experience.

Keeping that in mind, we developed a universal binary for iPhones and iPads and accurately captured and documented highly complex business rules and regulations. We also employed exciting technologies like NUI and VIPER architecture, and incorporated functions like location services and push notifications (which were unique back in 2012). At the same time, we carried out extensive QA to ensure the apps would be bug-free.

When the Android app and the revamped iOS apps were launched, users were blown away by the overall slick experience. 

"I want to thank you for the great partnership that we have formed over the past few months. I look forward to working with Mutual Mobile to continue to unleash great customer experiences to our customers." - Ramon Kurkchubasche, Senior Vice President Online Channels, Union Bank.


An award-winning app experience

Some of the achievements that this project resulted in included:

Winning awards across categories

  • 21st Annual Communicator Silver Award of Distinction in Mobile Apps—Productivity Category
  • Gold in 2014 Horizon Interactive Awards in Mobile Apps—Business Category
  • Silver in 2014 Horizon Interactive Awards in Mobile Apps—Productivity Category

Large number of app downloads

When the apps were released to the public, they were downloaded 10,600 times within the first two months.

Expansion of services

Pleased with our work on their Android and iOS apps, Union Bank contacted us to develop another app—Yuby, which would help children learn and understand how to manage money.

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